Coconut Splash | Coconut Oil Pulling

You may have already swapped your regular oil for coconut oil in the kitchen, but did you know that Coconut oil has many other health and beauty benefits. To date, there are many studies that suggest coconut oil to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Coconut Splash Oil Pulling uses 100% natural coconut oil combined with peppermint to give you whiter teeth, fresher breath and a brighter smile. It comes with a 14-day supply, which helps you to naturally reduce harmful bacteria buildup in the mouth and further improve your oral health.

  • Uses organic coconut oil and peppermint oil
  • Relieves bad breath with natural peppermint
  • Helps to reduce the risk of gingivitis
  • Strengthens the teeth and gums
  • Removes plaque and stains on the teeth
  • Contains 14 sachets, one for each day
  • 100% natural ingredients with no additives

Coconut Splash Oil Pulling is an easy and painless way to detoxify and cleanse the mouth. It can be easily combined with your current oral hygiene routine by simply taking a sachet from the pack and swishing the oil in the mouth for up to 15 minutes. You will then see the oil pull out the impurities, promoting healthy teeth and gums. Give yourself a reason to widen your lips and flaunt your pearly whites with Coconut Splash Oil Pulling.


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